The Rolf & Seb Show

Sebastian Kühne & Rolf Meßmer
Welcome to „The Rolf & Seb Show" Join Rolf and Seb, two passionate tech enthusiasts, as they embark on a journey through the ever-evolving world of technology.
Rolf and Seb delve into captivating topics in each episode, ranging from groundbreaking innovations to controversial trends. Their dynamic discussions shed light on different viewpoints, encouraging listeners to explore the vast possibilities of the digital realm.
But that's not all! "The Rolf & Seb Show" takes a unique twist by inviting special guests to join the conversation. These industry experts, innovators, and visionaries add excitement and expertise, providing valuable insights and thought-provoking perspectives.
Immerse yourself in the fascinating "The Rolf & Seb Show“ world as Rolf and Seb transport you to their metaverse studio. Feel the energy of their discussions as they explore the latest tech advancements while sipping virtual coffee. And when things get intense, step into the roasting area, where deep dive questions are fired and answered with gusto.
Whether you're a tech aficionado or simply curious about the future, "The Rolf & Seb Show" promises an entertaining and enlightening experience. Tune in, buckle up, and embark on this thrilling adventure. Enjoy the show!